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Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology (BIDE) has a "Diabetes Care Team" which consists of Consultant Diabetologist, Associate Diabetologist, Registrars, Podiatrist, Physiotherapist, Resident Medical Officer, Certified Diabetes Educators & Registered Dietitians. National Diabetes survey of Pakistan has revealed that almost 26.1% of the population over the age of 20 years has diabetes. Which needs a pragmatic approach to handle with. Diabetes Education has been considered a cornerstone of diabetes management. A person with diabetes can only achieve good glycemic control with continuous education along with dietary advice.

The section of Education is catered by many foreign qualified, senior and pioneer diabetes Educators at BIDE. They provide education regarding diabetes self-management to people with type 1, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes mellitus including insulin counseling, advise for use of oral drugs, physical activity, self-monitoring of blood glucose, foot care advise and special situations such as pregnancy with diabetes, surgery, managing diabetes during Ramadan fasting and other co-morbidities.

The section of dietetics also considered as an important pillar in the provision of their services regarding nutrition counseling of both outpatient and Inpatients. Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology (BIDE) has trained & registered dietitians who assess the patient’s preference, cultural and personal needs and keeping other comorbidities in mind while developing a tailor-made individualized diet plan for all types of the people with diabetes.


The team of diet and education department not only provides education and dietary advise also perform several other activities. Such as

  • Delivering lectures for the doctors in diploma in Diabetology.
  • Delivering lectures and workshops for diabetes educator in Diploma in Diabetes Education.
  • Participate in different national and international conferences as speaker.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops.
  • Conduct awareness sessions for people with diabetes and their family.
  • Conduct conversation map tool sessions.
  • Conduct session for the education of nurses for diet and education
  • Actively participate in ongoing researches.
  • Provide food service for inpatients.
  • Participate in development of national guidelines for diet and education.
  • Participate in development of different books for the self-management such as recipe book for people with diabetes.
  • Participate in School and college awareness programs.
  • Diet and education for other endocrine disorder.
  • Diet and education for weight management.


The team of diet and education department not only provides education and dietary advise also perform several other activities. Such as

  • We have recently earn the unique in international honor of being nominated As the "International Diabetes Federation, Center of Education"
  • The D&E is proud to introduce 24 hours help line services first time in Pakistan, The aim of our service is to provide information, support and assistance to promote a shared responsibility in health, wellbeing prevent complication and illness.
  • The department provides internship for students of M.Sc (nutrition) in department of dietetics and diabetes education.
  • Active participation in the "1st international Diabetes Management Course" held in BIDE from 28th Feb to 21st March 2005 for the team of foreign doctors and nurses.
  • D&E department is doing pilot project to start regular weekly clinics for weight reduction and primary prevention of Diabetes.
  • Prepared and forwarded case to “International Diabetes Federation (IDF)" one of our Type 1 patient for the selection in youth leadership workshop held on 29th Nov to 7th Dec, 2006 at cape town, South Africa to pass a UN Resolution on diabetes which will be declared on world diabetes day 2007.

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